Electronics Yorkshire at Blundell’s Technology Week and exhibition

training session at Electronics Yorkshire
A typical training session at Electronics Yorkshire

Electronics Yorkshire is set to exhibit at Blundell’s Technology Week and mini exhibition between 12th and 14th October at the company’s recently expanded exhibition showroom in Coventry.

Senior Tutor and Technology Centre Manager, Eric Hinsley, will be on hand each day to explain how companies can make use of the unique resources of test, analysis and repair equipment available at Electronics Yorkshire’s Leeds centre, as well as the depth of training courses Electronics Yorkshire has to offer businesses from all over the UK.

As an industry-dedicated Training Centre, Electronics Yorkshire is the only IPC Centre in the UK authorised to deliver the full range of IPC-certificated courses to both trainers and staff. Along with IPC Electronics Yorkshire also offers industry standard soldering and tailor-made electronics training courses.

The Electronics Yorkshire Technology Centre is equipped with a wide range of advanced inspection, testing, assembly and reworking equipment, including a five-axes real-time x-ray machine designed specifically for the electronics industry and available for general use by companies. The centre has been established to provide expert support and advice to industry. Other key equipment includes our environmental testing chamber for accelerated life-cycle testing and a Fischer x-ray spectrometer for elemental analysis of components and materials.

Throughout Blundell’s Technology Week show there will be working demonstrations of each piece of machinery in the company’s product range, together with displays by selected partner companies, including Nutek (conveyors), DEK (printers), BLT (consumables), Robotas (manual assembly), Humiseal (coating materials) and MTA (factory automation). A ‘factory tour’ is also included in each day’s activities.

Each day will kick off with coffee and an introduction, followed by demonstrations and individual discussions on numerous topics including:

Latest developments in SMT placement

Live demonstrations of the new iPulse M6 SMT placement machine, also the new Fritsch PA510 small footprint placement machine and the new TWS Quadra DVC low cost pick and place machine with vision camera.

New Selective Soldering system from Ersa

Ersa’s new mid-sized Eco-Select has just been launched with an XYZ moving solder pot and in-line capability.

The advantages of Vapour Phase soldering

The advantages of vapour phase will be demonstrated using several models from the IBL range, featuring ‘soft vapour phase’ and profiling in the vapour

BGA rework removal, replacement, inspection and X-ray

The Ersa Dynamic IR rework stations are to be demonstrated in partnership with the Ersascope 2 under-BGA viewing system and the Dage XD7500 X-Ray machine, providing further in-depth PCB inspection capability.

Conformal Coating – machines and materials

PVA and Humiseal

New range of Intelligent Stock Control cabinets

from Essegi

Presentation by MTA on factory automation

MTA manufacture soldering robots and automated systems for complete product assembly. They aim to give you useful ideas for reducing labour costs in all areas of electronic assembly.

Plus, there will be displays of:
dry storage cabinets, vacuum sealing machines, drying ovens, stencil cleaning, aqueous PCB cleaning, convection reflow ovens, temperature profiling, hand soldering stations, assisted hand assembly, SMT prototyping, stencil cleaning, screen printing, fume extraction, component performing, first article inspection, reflow ovens; plus advice and assistance on process matters and techniques from Blundell engineers and service managers.

E Y logoTo apply for registration to attend the Blundell Technology Week, complete this form.

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