Voltage optimisation and the ‘House of the Future’

Geoff Clifton of VO4HOME with the Voltage Optimisation product

An exciting development for leading Yorkshire based voltage optimisation company VO4HOME sees them involved in creating the ‘House of the Future’ a key element in the 2011 British Science Festival taking place in Bradford between 10th to 15th  September.

The ‘House of the Future’ is an important part of the festival in which the latest energy efficient innovations and technologies are assembled during the exhibition with the aim of promoting how an existing home can be made energy efficient and economically viable. The house will provide a realistic view of how housing could potentially develop, with sustainability and accessibility being the primary focus of the project.

VO4HOME’s role in the venture is being undertaken in conjunction with business support consultancy CO2Sense

CO2Sense, a not for profit environmental consultancy, that helps businesses in Yorkshire and Humber to cut costs, carbon emissions and profit from the opportunities in the low-carbon sector.

Mr. Geoff Clifton, business development manager for VO4HOME commented,

“We jumped at the chance to be involved in the ‘House of the Future’ exhibition, as it provides an important platform for the public to become familiar with energy efficiency technologies that can be easily integrated into the home.  Innovations that save the user money, limit energy use and reduces their carbon footprint.”

VO4HOME is a cost effective solution that delivers concrete savings on energy consumption. Not only can it be quickly and simply installed but payback is usually within 4-5 years, which means that not only is it a sound investment, but it also comes with a 5 year product guarantee.

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