Voltage optimisation – Energy reducing Technology

Dr. Alex Mardapittas

As a company dedicated to reducing energy consumption, at EMSc we are particularly encouraged to read that over half of the UK’s top 250 companies have introduced energy efficiency measures. What is a little surprising however, is a recent report has highlighted that many companies have concerns about the costs associated with installing carbon reducing equipment.

The report specifically highlights voltage optimisation as being one of the energy reducing technologies that companies are a little wary of. As the managing director of EMSc, manufacturer of the UK’s leading voltage optimisation system, Powerstar, I feel it is important I clarify this misconception.

Savings from the installation of voltage optimisation systems can be achieved very quickly, with ROI achievable in many cases in only two and a half years. When you also consider the number of funding opportunities that are available to companies interested in installing a voltage optimisation system, it becomes an exciting energy reducing, CO2 and money saving proposition.  

So convinced are we at EMSc that companies will make at least a 12% saving on their annual energy consumption by installing a Powerstar system, that should it fall short, we will pay customers the difference – for added piece of mind.

Despite having installed over 3,500 Powerstar systems in many locations and businesses across the world, including Local Authorities, the NHS, public services, manufacturing sites, hotels and retail premises, we have only ever had to pay the difference to customers on two occasions. Further demonstrating the confidence we have in our approach to reducing energy costs and CO2 in a cost effective and timely manner.

Company Profile

  • Market leaders in design and manufacture of energy management solutions
  • At the forefront of technological advances in energy management.
  • Engineering company formed in 2001.
  • More than 150 years combined experience in design and manufacturing.
  • We export overseas to 15 countries, including Australia, South Africa and UAE.
  • Project-led approach fully supported by our team of professional engineers.
  • We source components locally.

Profile: Dr Alex Mardapittas

Alex studied at Kings College London and then at Brunel University. On completing his research fellowship for Manufacturing Metrology in 1993, he went on to work in professional computer software training and development. As an experienced Chartered Engineer, with a research doctorate, he possesses an extensive knowledge of software programming and innovative engineering design, which has allowed him to provide award-winning solutions to the marketplace

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