Czech mate for Redhead

Red Head International truck
Redhead Freight trailer

A new exclusive partnership with leading Czech freight company AWT Čechofracht will provide leading logistics company Redhead International’s existing and new customers with an increasingly flexible and reliable direct service into and out of Eastern Europe, Russia and the CIS. Redhead International have worked with AWT Čechofracht for many years in Northern England; this new agreement now makes Redhead AWT Čechofracht’s sole UK partner.

The new business relationship was driven by a mutual desire to expand and build upon both companies well established, and successful, distribution networks.

“We are constantly looking to improve both our services and client support, and having established a significant footprint in Eastern Europe, Russia and the CIS, we were keen to work with a partner that would enable us to enhance not only the quality of service, but the frequency and system flexibility our clients already experience.  It is an exciting situation that will bring benefits for both our clientele and each organisation,” said Austin Duffy, Redhead’s marketing manager.

AWT Čechofracht is one of the Czech transport market brand leaders – having, since its inception in 1952, developed a worldwide reputation.  The company currently secures freight transport to and from an ever increasing number of countries.

About Redhead

Redhead International, established in 1978, has depots in Bradford, Burton-on-Trent, Basildon, Bathgate, Belfast and Dublin. Employing over 200 staff internationally, the company has regular scheduled services to over 40 countries in Western, Eastern and Southern Europe, Scandinavia, North Africa, the Middle East and the CIS countries. Current turnover is more than £30 million a year.

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