Recognition for regional support organisation

Yorkshire Air Ambulance helicopter
Yorkshire Air Ambulance helicopter

Recycling company Bag It Up was presented with the Chairman’s Award in recognition of its on-going partnership with the Yorkshire Air Ambulance (YAA) at the annual Yorkshire Air Ambulance Recognition Awards in Harrogate recently. As the YAA’s official recycling partner, Bag It Up has raised a remarkable £1.2 million through its textile recycling service since 2005, for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance alone.

The Awards celebrated the work of all involved with the YAA, which is an independent charity that provides a life-saving rapid response emergency service to 5 million people across Yorkshire.

Louise Knapton at Bag It Up said:

“We are proud of our longstanding association with the YAA, and we are honoured to receive this award. The funds raised through our recycling service have helped save lives across the region, and we would like to encourage people to keep donating their unwanted textiles, clothing and shoes to help save even more lives.”

Other winners on the night included Annabel Johnson from Veolia Environmental Services, recycling officer in the Sheffield area, who received a Corporate Supporter Award. Ms. Johnson played a key role in providing recycling locations around the city of Sheffield, where the public can donate their unwanted garments and textiles. She also played a major role in the ‘bra and shoe’ campaigns that have boosted donations to the charity and raised awareness of the recycling fundraising schemes. The recycling banks in Sheffield alone have so far raised over £84,000.

Bag It Up has operated its recycling campaign in conjunction with the YAA since 2005, and the sustainable income stream generates approximately £250,000 for the YAA each year. Supporters can donate unused clothing, textiles and shoes at over 200 clothing banks, which can be found at various locations across Yorkshire. Bag It Up and the YAA also work with businesses who wish to operate a corporate collection with their staff and colleagues.

About Bag It Up:

Established in 2005, Bag It Up collects and recycles unwanted clothing, shoes, household textiles and mobile phones, generating vital income streams for its charity partners, be it life-saving missions by air ambulance, new wheelchairs to help children become more independent, or support for children with life limiting conditions and their families. Donations of unwanted items have helped local charities across many regions. Bag It Up encourages people to clear out their wardrobe and donate to deserving local charities helping people across the country.

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