Redhead presents the way ahead

Red Head International truck
Redhead Freight trailer

Redhead International, one of the UK’s leading logistics companies recently presented white papers on “The Future of Palletised freight in Europe,” at two of the industry’s annual conventions.

Development director Rob Thacker was invited to present the paper at Militzer and Munch’s (M&M) annual partners’ convention by the company’s marketing department. Held this year in Turkey, over 450 representatives from more than 100 companies across Europe, The C.I.S., China and North Africa attended the event.

Established over 130 years ago M&M is renowned as being as specialist provider of international transport logistics solutions particularly in European, Eurasian, North African and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) markets.

Mr. Thacker was also invited to present at the French pallet system, Astre annual convention.

Redhead, which has seven depots in the UK and Ireland, is developing its international business by working with partners M&M and Astre.

Mr. Thacker, development director at Redhead International, said:

“We have already developed a reputation for being one of the most respected freight management companies in the UK, particularly across northern England. We want to further build on this reputation not only in the UK, but across Europe and beyond by working in partnership with M&M and Astre. Being asked to present at their respective annual conventions was a great honour.”

Redhead has scheduled services to over 40 countries across Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries.


About Redhead International

Redhead International, established in 1978, has depots in Bradford, Burton-on-Trent, Basildon, Bristol, Bathgate, Mallusk and Dublin. Employing over 200 staff internationally, the company has regular scheduled services to over 40 countries in Western, Eastern and Southern Europe, Scandinavia, North Africa, Russia and the CIS countries. Current turnover is more than £30 million a year.

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