Clugston Distribution expands into fuel logistics

David Heath
David Heath

Clugston Distribution Services, who are celebrating their 75th anniversary in 2012 as part of the Clugston Group, are pleased to announce their expansion into the fuels distribution market. The £500,000 investment, which is integral to the company’s strategic growth plan, will result in four new jobs being created.

Operating from the Scunthorpe base, which is ideally located for access to the Humber refineries, Clugston Distribution will initially be putting 4 new 44 tonne tanker combinations on the road.

The company has purchased two new tankers from Cobo, which will be in the Group’s distinctive new livery. A further two new LAG tankers are being supplied by Williams. All 4 six compartment tankers are fitted with pumps for discharge to above ground storage tanks. All the new tankers will be on the road by the end of April.

General manager Clugston Distribution Services, David Heath, who has 12 years experience in fuels logistics – most recently with TDG, commented:

 “There is an opportunity in the Humber fuels logistics market for an operation that can provide a flexible resourcing solution for customers.”

Mr. Heath added:

“Growth into the fuels market is part of Clugston Distribution’s strategic vision to diversify operational services into new market sectors, and one in which we intend to grow our presence year on year.”

The new tankers will compliment the specialist steel, building products, bulk food and bulk powder trailers that are already operated by Clugston Distribution Services from the company’s Scunthorpe, Croft and Driffield distribution centres

For further information about the new service visit or contact David Heath at Clugston Distribution on 01724 294922.

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