Fernco Environmental launches Ultracoat website

The Ultracoat system in action.
The Ultracoat system in action.

Fernco Environmental, supplier of a range of water management and environmental drainage systems, has recently launched a new website showcasing the company’s advanced structural coating system, Ultracoat, at http://www.ultracoatsystem.com.

The new website focuses on case studies and videos of Ultracoat being used for the rehabilitation of a wide range of structures such as manholes, tunnels, large chambers, bunds and others.

Ultracoat is a well-established system used for the restoration, protection and structural reinforcement of existing structures. The coating contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and so doesn’t require use of complex breathing apparatus – ideal for use in confined spaces. It has high resistance to H2S attack and can be applied to damp substrates.

Since being developed in the USA, Ultracoat has successfully renovated many miles of pipes and tunnels and more than 50,000 manholes, tanks and chambers. There is a long list of independent third party testing results which can be found on the new website, including an approval by the U.S. Navy for use potable water, fuel, oil and sewage applications.

Ed Fairfield, marketing manager at Fernco Environmental, quoted,

“Ultracoat has a growing catalogue of successful projects, and these will be showcased on our new website. We have some excellent project photography and some impressive movie footage on there and the site really does show Ultracoat at its finest”

Fernco Environmental is sister company to Flexseal, a global leader in flexible drainage couplings. The company is based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

Fernco logo

About Fernco Environmental

Fernco Environmental is a new company within the Fernco group, and focuses on minimising environmental impact within sewerage and drainage industries.

Jon Crean, Managing Director, summarises ‘the team in the UK are working hard to deliver innovation and move into new industries, new markets and new countries. There are a variety of challenges which the industry needs to address such as sustainability, environmental awareness and meeting the demands of new legislation. Fernco Environmental aims to provide the tools the industry needs to succeed’.

For further information about Fernco Environmental visit www.ferncoenvironmental.com.

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