Bag It Up supports National Air Ambulance Week

National air ambulance weekIn celebration of National Air Ambulance Week (NAAW) which is taking place from 24th – 30th September, textile recycling partner Bag It Up Ltd  is encouraging individuals, communities and businesses across the country to support their local air ambulance.

Bag It Up has, since its inception 6 years ago, generated over £4 million for its partner charities, all of which are local and work to support their local community. The company is the official recycling partner of 25% of the UK’s Air Ambulance charities including the Yorkshire Air Ambulance (YAA), for which it has raised a remarkable £1.4 million through its textile recycling service, and the Thames Valley & Chiltern Air Ambulance, raising £250,000 in just three fundraising years.

The Hampshire & Isle of Wight Air Ambulance (HIOWAA) also benefits from Bag It Up’s recycling services; the company has been working with Southampton City Council, Southampton Solent University and the Central Baptist Church to manage discarded student clothing and textiles at the end of each academic year with the aim of creating a culture of reuse and recycling across the region, a collaboration which has seen funds raised for HIOWAA totalling £1.6 million.

Bag It Up focuses specifically on working with local charities such as air ambulances throughout the UK, raising funds through textile recycling in a sustainable manner. The company places strategically positioned recycling banks in a wide variety of locations, including supermarket car parks, household waste recycling sites, shopping centres, community centres, sports clubs and property developments, in order to generate donations and raise money for its partner charities.

Commenting on National Air Ambulance Week, an initiative by the Association of Air Ambulances, Wendy Yarney at Bag It Up said: “Lives are being saved every day by the highly skilled air ambulance crews. On average, an emergency air ambulance takes off every 10 minutes in the UK, flying 365 days a year in daylight hours. To continue this rapid response to life-threatening situations it is vitally important that we spread the word that air ambulance charities up and down the UK are not government funded and rely on public donations to remain operational.”

She added: “While we’d love people to support their local air ambulance in any way possible, textile recycling offers an easy and affordable way to make a contribution. By choosing to recycle their unwanted garments people can support their local air ambulance whilst also reducing their impact on the environment. People can also rest assured that all monies raised will stay local, helping to keep their local air ambulance flying.”


About Bag It Up:

Established in 2005, Bag It Up collects and recycles unwanted clothing, shoes, household textiles and mobile phones, generating vital income streams for its charity partners, be it life-saving missions by air ambulance, new wheelchairs to help children become more independent, or support for children with life limiting conditions and their families. Donations of unwanted items have helped local charities across many regions. Bag It Up encourages people to clear out their wardrobe and donate to deserving local charities helping people across the country.

For more information about Bag It Up

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