Leading manufacturer expands into new facility.

Photo caption: DR Alex Mardapittas, left, with the Katia Barber, finance director.
DR Alex Mardapittas, left, with the Katia Barber, finance director.

EMSc(UK)Ltd, manufacturer of the innovative Star® range of energy saving products, is pleased to announce it has moved to a larger facility in Sheffield – ‘EMS House’.

EMS House will provide a significantly larger operational space of 23,620 sq ft and comprises a manufacturing plant that will house all the different processes involved in developing the company’s market leading products including, winding, curing, assembly and testing. The new premises also include the company’s head office operations.

The new facility houses a world class research and development centre that is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology and would be the envy of any Silicon Valley based company. However, it’s here – in Sheffield – that all the company’s innovative ideas and future products and solutions will be realised, as the R&D department will drive product innovations and developments along with rigorous testing, evaluation and analysis of all EMSc’s products.

The company’s flagship products Powerstar, Powerstar MAX and Powerstar HV MAX will be fully manufactured from the site, as the company continues to fly the flag for British engineering and manufacturing by insisting all products are fully manufactured in the UK and wherever possible, all components are sourced for local suppliers.

Due to a growing UK and international market for energy saving solutions, EMSc’s products are very much in demand. This has led to continuous year on year growth as well as resource and manufacturing expansion, and the re-location to EMS House.

Powerstar solutions are proven and reliable technologies which have been installed into landmark sites, including the parliamentary estates and London City Hall. On average Powerstar voltage optimisation systems reduce energy consumption on average between 12% and 15%.

Dr. Alex Mardapittas, managing director at EMSc, commented, “We are extremely excited to have moved into our new facility. We have grown significantly over the last few years to meet the growing market demand for our products. Excitingly, and despite the current recession, we are anticipating our growth to continue into 2013, at an even faster pace than we have experienced over the last few years. As energy prices continue to rise, our innovative energy saving products are becoming increasingly attractive.”

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