Harvard partners with One2See Signs


A One2See sign, combined with LeafNut technology, installed in Westminster
A One2See sign, combined with LeafNut technology, installed in Westminster

Harvard Engineering, world leader in the design, development and manufacture of LED drivers and control products for the lighting industry, has teamed up with LED street sign manufacturer One2See Signs, to provide local authorities across the UK with a solution that allows them to totally control and monitor LED road signs.

The partnership will see Harvard’s wireless monitoring and control system, LeafNut, which was initially designed to work with street lighting, being installed alongside One2See Signs’ internally illuminated LED signs. The new solution will give local authorities the ability to save energy and carbon emissions by accurately timed switching on and off, as well as being able to remotely manage lighting schedules and inventory. In addition, there will be a reduction in night scouting costs due to LeafNut’s unique reporting feature, which can accurately predict lamp failure.

The controllable signs have already been successfully trialled by Westminster City Council, which was one of the first local authorities in the UK to install LeafNut to manage its street lighting. The council is now rolling out the solution across its street signs throughout the city, including in Arlington Street, Pall Mall, and Carlisle Place.

Russell Fletcher, sales and marketing director at Harvard commented, “Our partnership with One2See Signs means we can now offer local authorities a wireless solution to manage and control street lighting installations and all internally illuminated LED road signs. For councils with LeafNut already installed, the signs can be added at a minimal additional cost.”

LeafNut has been installed by approaching 100 local authorities worldwide, including Surrey County Council in the UK, Hobart in Tasmania, Paris, Sydney, Bargota in Spain, and Zurs in Austria.

Harvard Engineering Background Information:

Established in 1993, Harvard has grown to be a leading player in the LED lighting and wireless street lighting industries. Harvard’s innovative range of products includes the CoolLED range of switchable drivers and LeafNut, the revolutionary wireless remote monitoring system for street lighting.



2012 – Shortlisted for the 3i International Growth Awards at the National Business Awards

2012 – Selected as a UK National Finalist for the European Business Awards

2011 – Winner of the Orange Innovation Award at the National Business Awards

2011 – Winner of the Innovation award at the Wakefield Express Business Awards

2011 – Winner of a Queen’s Award for Enterprise, within the Innovation category

2010 – Winner of the Yorkshire Forward Innovator/10: Innovation in Action Award

2010 – Winner of the Light Sources & Controls Award at the Lighting Design Awards


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