A powerful Chinese champion

Dr Alex Mardapittas
Dr Alex Mardapittas

EMSc (UK) Ltd, manufacturer of the multi award winning, market leading voltage optimisation solution Powerstar, is pleased to announce that the product has been identified as a ‘champion technology’ by Chinese government experts.

China’s booming economy not only makes it one of the world’s leading manufacturing forces, but also one of the world’s largest polluters – emitting over 9.8 million tons of carbon dioxide -and a huge consumer of energy. In a bid to find ways to reduce energy consumption, two years ago the Chinese government challenged experts in the energy management field to identify a number of ‘champion technologies’ to assist in reducing reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

A panel of 30 industry experts formed a technology group dedicated to scouring the world to find these ‘champion technologies’ that could reduce both electricity consumption and carbon footprint. After 2 years of extensive searching the panel identified the electronic-dynamic technology offered in Powerstar’s MAX and HV MAX solutions.

Dr Alex Mardapittas, the managing director of EMSc (UK) Ltd, recently attended a presentation in China arranged by two members of the focus group – Professor Wei Xingzhao and Professor Xiaohui Tong. Both professors were from the School of Material Science and Engineering at China’s University of Technology. Dr. Mardapittas discussed the possibilities of the technology using the Powerstar MAX voltage for Low Voltage Optimisation and the Powerstar HV MAX for High Voltage Optimisation.

Dr. Mardapittas commented, “It is a great honour to have Powerstar chosen as a ‘champion technology’, particularly after such extensive search was carried out by such a renowned group of industry professionals. We are proud to be working on this project and I am looking forward to see the first results and case studies in China from the first trials. “

Powerstar MAX and Powerstar HV MAX systems have been purchased for initial trials, before a larger scale roll-out of the Powerstar systems takes place later in the year. EMSc (UK) Ltd anticipates the technology will prove to be extremely effective in China.

About EMSc (UK) Ltd

EMSc has been researching, designing and manufacturing the Star® range of energy saving products in the UK for over 10 years. In addition to the market leading Powerstar voltage optimisation solution, the company also manufactures Airstar and Hotelstar, products that allow public and private sector organisations to reduce their energy costs, as well as reduce carbon emissions. The company is accredited with the Made in Sheffield accolade in acknowledgement of the quality of its manufacturing process, its expansion into international markets, and the overall success of Powerstar, which is exported to countries including Cyprus, Australia, UAE, South Africa, Greece, Malta, Bahrain and Spain. The company has been awarded with ISO9001 and are an NICEIC approved contractor.

  • 2011 – Winner Innovation of the Year Award Yorkshire Post Excellence in Business Award
  • 2010 – Winner of the Yorkshire Forward Innovator/10: Innovation in Action Award
  • 2006 – Winner of the CARE4AIR AWARD
  • 2006 & 2004 SMART Award for Innovation 

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