Perrys powers ahead with leading voltage optimisation solution

Peter Newell, UK sales manager for EMSc (UK) Ltd
Peter Newell, UK sales manager for EMSc (UK) Ltd

EMSc (UK) Ltd, the leading energy saving solutions manufacturer, has successfully installed the company’s market leading voltage optimisation product Powerstar, at Perry’s motor dealership in Aylesbury, delivering annual energy savings of 8%.

The bespoke Powerstar installation was part of a wider energy management project Perrys has implemented, which also includes the installation of LED lights, lighting sensors, timers and controls.  The leading motor dealer established in 1908, which represents a number of leading brands including Vauxhall, Peugeot and Jaguar to name a few, is keen to adapt to meet the socio-economic demands of the motor industry, by actively seeking initiatives to lower carbon emissions and reduce energy consumption

As part of the research carried out, the Perrys energy management programme concluded that voltage optimisation technology could provide additional savings, beyond measures already implemented. By installing the most appropriate solution at the Aylesbury dealership, Perrys was confident that Powerstar would maximise the energy savings and lower the company’s carbon footprint, also resulting in reduced electricity costs.


Through the acclaimed project management approach adopted by EMSc (UK) Ltd, Perrys experienced a seamless installation with no disruption to business operations.


Pre installation Perrys annual energy load was 492,710 kWh, whilst post installation, this is on target to reduce by 86,793kWh kWh per annum. Total energy savings at the dealership were 17.6%.

Peter Newell, EMSc (UK) Ltd’s sales manager commented, “We are delighted to have a Powerstar unit installed at the Perry’s dealership in Aylesbury as part of the company’s energy management programme.  The annual savings of 8% on energy are representative of what can be achieved within the industry”.

EMSc has been researching, designing and manufacturing the Star® range of energy saving products in the UK for over 10 years. In addition to the market leading Powerstar voltage optimisation solution, the company also manufactures Airstar and Hotelstar, products that allow public and private sector organisations to reduce their energy costs, as well as reduce

carbon emissions. The company is accredited with the Made in Sheffield accolade in acknowledgement of the quality of its manufacturing process, its expansion into international markets, and the overall success of Powerstar, which is exported to countries including Cyprus, Australia, UAE, South Africa, Greece, Malta, Bahrain and Spain. The company has been awarded with ISO9001 and are an NICEIC approved contractor.

  • 2011 – Winner Innovation of the Year Award Yorkshire Post Excellence in Business Awards
  • 2010 – Winner of the Yorkshire Forward Innovator/10: Innovation in Action Award
  • 2006 – Winner of the CARE4AIR AWARD
  • 2006 & 2004 SMART Award for Innovation


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