Powerstar continues European success in Spain

Powerstar LogoPowerstar voltage optimisation systems are enjoying success in Spain thanks to Efirenova, official distributors of Powerstar, who were recently visited by EMSc (UK) Ltd, manufacturers of the market leading voltage optimisation system.

Paul North, international business development manager and Nick Lee, group marketing manager, visited Efirenova as the Madrid based company celebrated a prosperous first anniversary as the sole distributor of Powerstar in Spain

Efirenova is well known as Spain’s market leading company in the field of energy saving solutions, and specialises in offering consultancy, engineering and energy services. The company provides innovative technological solutions in energy efficiency, water cycling, renewable energies and sustainability. Clients include companies and organisations from the public sector – including schools and hospitals – hotels and the private sector as a whole.

Whilst at Efirenova Paul North and Nick Lee conducted training on the latest product developments in the Powerstar range. They also visited Efirenova customers who are reaping the benefits of projects managed and implemented by the company.

Voltage optimisation solutions have been successfully deployed throughout the world in many diverse industries. The technology delivers savings on electricity consumption, CO2 emissions and electricity bills, by systematically optimising on-site voltage to bring it in line with the requirements of a site.

Powerstar is a market leading solution averaging savings of between 12% and 15%, with payback periods of just 3 to 5 years. Since first being manufactured, over ten years ago, thousands of successful Powerstar installations have delivered full dependability, with 100% reliability. The Powerstar system provides users with 100% guaranteed savings and comes with a 10 year warranty.

Paul North, business development manager for Powerstar commented, “We are extremely pleased with the success Efirenova are experiencing. The visit to Madrid was invaluable to us all, for different reasons. We are looking forward to further developing our relationship with Spain’s leading energy saving solutions provider in the years to come”.

Powerstar is available in Spain exclusively through Efirenova. For more information on voltage optimisation in Spain contact Efirenova on +34 91 799 44 17 or e-mail info@efirenova.com

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