Even greater value and productivity in switchgear construction


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EPLAN‘s parent company, Rittal International, has added to its expertise in the manufacture of switchgear and panel building by acquiring Kiesling (Machine Technology). The three companies will form a unique global service network that will benefit customers along the entire manufacturing and production chain of enclosure and switchgear solutions – from concept development to installation.

Using EPLAN‘s leading software-based engineering solutions, the complete enclosure range from Rittal and automation solutions from Kiesling, a technology leader in enclosure processing – Rittal International now possesses a completely integrated solution for the manufacture of switchgear and panel building.

With its forward thinking automation solutions, Kiesling brings a new innovation potential to the group. The company’s latest breakthrough is the ‘Averex’ robotic wiring system, which eliminates the time-consuming manual wiring of mounting plates by providing automatically generated connections between components on the mounting plate.

From engineering to robotic wiring

The three companies’ solutions can integrate seamlessly, providing automation at every stage in the development process. Enclosure system constructors can configure a solution using data from the EPLAN Data Portal, electrical circuit diagrams, fluid detail, and Rittal enclosure components stored in the EPLAN platform or EPLAN Engineering Centre.

With EPLAN Pro Panel, information on mounting holes, threads or openings is generated automatically or interactively added on-demand, while users can easily incorporate all the specified resources and accessories in 3D. EPLAN Pro Panel is a switchgear solution for the 3D engineering of control cabinets and switchgear systems. The software supports the 3D assembly for the fluid and electrical configuration of control cabinets and provides virtual wiring and 3D data for wire assembly and production machinery. In addition the software supplies 3D power distribution and copper rail configurations.

Using the 3D enclosure prototype and the connection information from the circuit diagram, EPLAN Pro Panel determines optimum wiring distances and the required lengths for wires and cables.

All the information required for document management, machining, assembly or installation of the wires is provided by EPLAN and issued in the form of parts lists, assembly drawings or machine programs.

Once designs comply with technical specifications and standards, the manufacture of enclosure systems can begin, including those containing components from Rittal. This is followed by the mechanical processing of the enclosure and mounting plate, handled by Kiesling’s processing machinery.

Wiring data provided by EPLAN, alongside information from the 3D model on components and their positioning on the mounting plate, is passed to the Kiesling ‘Averex’ wiring robot via a specially developed machine interface.

The robot verifies and checks the manual construction of the mounting plate before independently and automatically wiring the components. In addition, the machine is able to alter wires when colours or cross-sections need to be changed. This considerably speeds up the wiring process, which would otherwise be performed manually; demonstrating time and cost savings, as well as seamless workflow capabilities.

The combined expertise of EPLAN, Rittal and Kiesling now serves to form an efficient, fully integrated solution for customers involved in the production of switchgear and enclosures. This will provide previously unsurpassed, seamless support and expertise and will benefit customers throughout the entire process of design and manufacture through to installation.

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