High Technology Lighting expands overseas market

Thomas Holgeth
Thomas Holgeth, joint managing director of High Technology Lighting


High Technology Lighting expands overseas market

High Technology Lighting, suppliers of energy-efficient lighting solutions for retail and commercial spaces, is expanding its international operations as part of the company’s long-term growth strategy.

The company, whose overseas sales cur

rently amount to ten per cent of its annual turnover, has teamed up with a new distributor in Stockholm, Rebel Light, to develop opportunities in the Scandinavian market, and is establishing partnerships in Australia, Spain and the United Arab Emirates.  It is also working with UKT&I whose remit is to advise companies on growing international exports, in line with government policy.

Thomas Holgeth, joint managing director of High Technology Lighting, said: “We already have a well-established network servicing Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, have recently completed a £

30,000 sports retail venture in Kuwait, and handled projects in Denmark and Sweden.  We are confident that there is enormous potential for a company with our experience and expertise in many other countries too.”

High Technology Lighting has been working with Rebel Light since February 2013 and can already see the results of their efforts. The company can also see huge opportunities in Australia with its strong economy and interest in European lighting solutions.

The Quartet LED range, in particular, is attracting a lot of interest as it incorporates Xicato LED technology. The Quartet LED range is, by all reports, the most compressive product offering of its type in the world.

Mr. Holgeth added: “We believe that our unique products, emphasis on sustainability and experience of designing lighting solutions for flagship projects, puts us in a very strong position to grow our overseas markets significantly over the next twelve months.”

About High Technology Lighting

High Technology Lighting was established in 1982 and offers complete lighting packages, from design through to installation, incorporating a strong portfolio of UK manufactured products and with an emphasis on sustainability. The company has installed its products across a large number of applications, including retail where lights have been installed in Barbour and Sports Direct, commercial, at BT Manga Park, and at Heritage sites, such as York Minister. More information, and application stories, can be found at www.hightechnologylighting.com.

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