Leading voltage optimisation manufacturer secures £50 million to help companies save energy


EMSc (UK) Ltd, manufacturer of the UK’s market-leading voltage optimisation solution, Powerstar, is pleased to announce it has £50 million funding available for administration to public and private sector companies wishing to invest in implementing specific energy saving technologies.

The £50 million has been made available for EMSc (UK) Ltd to administer to companies implementing efficient, effective and reliable technologies that can deliver a return on investment within a 5 year period. Funds will be provided interest free for up to 5 years, making it an attractive investment package for companies keen on reducing their impact on the environment, as well as cutting energy consumption and costs.

The funds are only available for the top three technologies that have been proven to provide the highest energy savings and payback, as identified in reports prepared by the NHS Sustainable Development Unit and St Georges University.

Key analysis from both reports is outlined in a document prepared by McKinsey & Company – version 2.1 of the ‘global greenhouse gas abatement cost curve’. The document pinpoints the top three technologies best capable of  reducing carbon emissions across a range of different sized sites, as being Voltage Optimisation, LED lighting and Variable Speed Drives (VSD’s). 

Applications for the funding can only be made through EMSc (UK) Ltd until the 31st of December 2013 and will be subject to status and approval.

Saving on energy costs is paramount to many organisations in the current economic climate. Dr. Alex Mardapittas, managing director of EMSc UK Ltd commented. “The funding will allow public and private sector companies across the UK to become more energy efficient and save money at the same time. The £50 million available will ensure that projects with a payback period of less than 5 years become cash positive from day one. We are looking forward to working with them to help them maximise their energy savings.”

Dr. Mardapittas added, “We are also very proud that our award winning Powerstar range of products has been recognised, by these very influential reports, as one of the top three energy saving technologies available. EMSc (UK) Ltd is committed to helping UK companies achieve sustainability targets and this funding will give many organisations the opportunity and the means to do so.”

For further information visit www.ems-uk.org , email info@ems-uk.org or call on 01142 576 200.

About EMSc (UK) Ltd

EMSc (UK) Ltd is renowned for designing and manufacturing the Star® range of energy saving products. In addition to the market leading Powerstar voltage optimisation solutions, the company also manufactures Airstar and Hotelstar. All are products that allow companies, organisations and hotels to reduce their energy costs as well as their carbon emissions.

The company is accredited with the Made in Sheffield accolade in acknowledgement of the quality of its manufacturing process, its expansion into international markets, and the overall success of Powerstar, which is exported to countries including UAE, South Africa, Greece, Malta, Germany and Spain. The international expansion is supported by EMSc offices in Australia and Cyprus. The company has been awarded ISO9001 and is an NICEIC approved contractor.

2013 – UKTI Exporter of the year award

2011 – Winner Innovation of the Year Award Yorkshire Post Excellence in Business Awards

2010 – Winner of the Yorkshire Forward Innovator/10: Innovation in Action Award

2006 – Winner of the CARE4AIR AWARD

2006 & 2004 SMART Award for Innovation

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