Harvard drives local authority building to ‘outstanding’ BREEAM status


Rotunda Hall at Brent Civic Centre, where Harvard’s drivers are installed
Rotunda Hall at Brent Civic Centre, where Harvard’s drivers are installed

Harvard Engineering, world leader in the design, development and manufacture of control products for the lighting industry, has supplied its market leading CoolLED drivers to the first public building in the UK to achieve ‘outstanding’ BREEAM status.

Brent Civic Centre is a multipurpose built facility next to Wembley Stadium and Wembley Arena, which has been designed and built by Skanska to streamline the Council’s activities by providing office space for 2000 staff whilst also offering a destination for the community to meet, shop and eat.

Harvard was chosen by the specified luminaire manufacturer, Designed Architectural Lighting, to supply approximately 2,800 of drivers from its CoolLED range for the project. The CL50-1400D and CL700D-240-B drivers have been installed in the soaring foyer and atrium, running GE Infusion modules in DAL Civic G210 surface mounted downlighters.

The installation of these fixtures will help the building achieve an estimated 33% reduction in carbon emissions. Harvard created a special variant, the DualDim CLR50 1400mA open frame driver specifically for the project, and carried out over a month of thermal and EMC tests due to the specific thermal requirements of the centre.

Rasib Khan, Engineering Director at Harvard Engineering, commented: “We were really pleased to have been chosen to supply our CoolLED drivers to such a prestigious new building. This project showcases our CoolLED drivers’ energy saving capabilities, as well as our capabilities at Harvard to produce special custom variants of products to suit specific applications. Our team spent over 4 weeks customising and testing the drivers to ensure that all the specific efficiency and thermal levels were met by the drivers within this application.”

The new Brent Civic Centre also features solar shading, natural ventilation, high-performance façade, and combined cooling, and heating and power which utilises waste fish oil, making it the most sustainable local authority building to be built in the UK.

Harvard Engineering Background Information:

Established in 1993, Harvard has grown to be a leading player in the LED lighting and wireless street lighting industries. Harvard’s innovative range of products includes the CoolLED range of switchable drivers and LeafNut, the revolutionary wireless remote monitoring system for street lighting.


2012 – Winner of the Judges’ Choice Award at the Mail on Sunday’s Made in Britain Awards

2012 – Winner of the Lux Manufacturer of the Year Award

2012 – UK National Finalist for the European Business Awards

2011 – Winner of the Orange Innovation Award at the National Business Awards

2011 – Winner of the Innovation award at the Wakefield Express Business Awards

2011 – Winner of a Queen’s Award for Enterprise, within the Innovation category

2010 – Winner of the Yorkshire Forward Innovator/10: Innovation in Action Award

2010 – Winner of the Light Sources & Controls Award at the Lighting Design Awards


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