Harvard launches ingenious indoor lighting control system

EyeNut’s intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI) can be accessed via tablet
EyeNut’s intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI) can be accessed via tablet

Harvard Engineering, world leader in the design, development and manufacture of LED drivers and control products for the lighting industry, is pleased to announce the launch of EyeNut, a new ingenious wireless indoor lighting control solution.

The system, which is officially being launched at LuxLive at Earl’s Court on 20th and 21st November, is set to revolutionise indoor lighting, as for the first time, users will be able to completely configure, control and monitor their own indoor lighting.

With EyeNut users can implement appropriate indoor lighting strategies to suit the activities taking place in specific areas of a building or across multiple-buildings or sites, as well as to save energy and cut carbon emissions, through the solution’s intuitive graphic user interface (GUI).

Harvard has over 20 years experience researching, developing and manufacturing control products for the lighting industry, including the multi award-winning wireless monitoring and control system for street and outdoor lighting LeafNut. The company’s knowledge and experience placed them in the perfect position to research and develop a solution like EyeNut.

Russell Fletcher, sales and marketing director at Harvard Engineering, commented, “The launch of EyeNut is a significant milestone for Harvard. EyeNut is a market leading and innovative solution providing opportunities for energy savings across many commercial applications such as clothing retailers, offices and supermarkets. The system will simplify the management of indoor lighting installations, bringing a large number of benefits to the user.”

Lighting is the highest single contributor to commercial electricity consumption in the UK, accounting for 41% of all electricity used, and with 75% of all the controllable lighting sold in Europe today currently not being controlled, EyeNut will have many advantages for commercial building owners.

Harvard Engineering Background Information:

Established in 1993, Harvard has grown to be a leading player in the LED lighting and wireless street lighting industries. Harvard’s innovative range of products includes the CoolLED range of switchable drivers and LeafNut, the revolutionary wireless remote monitoring system for street lighting.


2012 – Winner of the Judges’ Choice Award at the Mail on Sunday’s Made in Britain Awards

2012 – Winner of the Lux Manufacturer of the Year Award

2012 – UK National Finalist for the European Business Awards

2011 – Winner of the Orange Innovation Award at the National Business Awards

2011 – Winner of the Innovation award at the Wakefield Express Business Awards

2011 – Winner of a Queen’s Award for Enterprise, within the Innovation category

2010 – Winner of the Yorkshire Forward Innovator/10: Innovation in Action Award

2010 – Winner of the Light Sources & Controls Award at the Lighting Design Awards


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