Energy saving solution delivers guaranteed savings

powerstar logoSchools and colleges across the UK are looking to find ways to reduce costs, particularly as their annual budgets continue to be cut or at best frozen. Combine this with the growing rise in energy prices and the launch of Phase 2 of the Carbon Reduction Commitment from 1st April and it’s easy to understand why many are looking at ways to reduce electricity costs.

Powerstar, the multi award winning, market leading, voltage optimisation system, which has been successfully installed by educational establishments across the UK, is one simple to way to achieve this.

Portland College in Nottinghamshire is the latest in a long line of educational establishments to install the system and to reap the benefits.

The Powerstar system, which comes with an energy savings guarantee, is delivering electrical consumption savings of 11.3% at the college, which is 3.3% above the original figure guaranteed when the system was installed. This equates to an annual saving £12,591 in financial terms. As a result of the installation Portland College are also significantly reducing their impact on the environment with an 85.5 tonne reduction of annual CO2 emissions.

Powerstar was able to demonstrate their capabilities and expertise within the education sector through a number of installation reference points. The engineering focused, project led approach, synonymous with the Powerstar gave Portland College the confidence that the Powerstar team would implement the optimum engineering solution, and that Powerstar was capable of providing maximum electricity savings and carbon reductions for the site.

Quentin Colley, vice principal at Portland College commented, “Powerstar has been the best investment we have made to reduce our electricity costs and make ongoing savings in the future, at a time when energy prices continue to rise. The team at Powerstar are exceptional professionals and we would recommend their expertise and the Powerstar product to anyone one who wants to see genuine reductions in their electricity consumption and carbon emissions.”

In addition to Portland College, a number of leading universities including Sheffield Hallam University and Surrey University are making significant annual electricity savings, 16% and nearly 10% respectively.

Powerstar® is the registered trademark of EMSc (UK) Ltd.


  • Can save up to 26.1% of electricity consumption.
  • Is fully designed and manufactured in the UK. All Powerstar components, including even minor items such as the paint, are sourced from UK manufacturers. The Powerstar design and any associated software are designed by EMSc UK Limited.
  • Requires no maintenance and has a 15 year warranty.
  • Is an approved energy savings system and may qualify for an interest-free Energy Efficiency Loan from the Carbon Trust.
  • Comes with guaranteed savings.
  • Will improve the life expectancy of electrical equipment.
  • Will improve the power quality (reduce harmonics and improve the power factor).
  • Has the highest efficiency and provides better savings than any other voltage optimisation system sold in the UK. This has been proven in independent tests (on the same load and same voltage reduction), head to head with similar competitive systems.

In these tests Powerstar achieved:

  • Significantly higher energy savings (up to 13% more)
  • Reduced harmonics by 88% more than competitive systems
  • Running significantly cooler than competitive systems. (While Powerstar operated at normal ambient temperatures, competitive systems were operating at nearly 70°C).

The Powerstar team has over 150 years combined experience in designing and manufacturing special transformers and the Powerstar design is a direct result of this experience.

2011 – Winner of the Yorkshire Post Business in Excellence Innovation Award 2010 – Winner of the Yorkshire Forward Innovator/10: Innovation in Action Award

2006 – Winner of the CARE4AIR AWARD

2006 & 2004 SMART Award for Innovation

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