Harvard launches CLH high power driver

Harvard’s CLH driver
Harvard’s CLH driver

The CLH Single Channel driver offers up to 200W of power with simple resistive programmable drive current. The product can be easily programmed across a number of different current ranges, which means customers can standardize on a single compact driver reducing inventory and associated carrying costs. 

High efficiency was also a focus in the design. The driver design was completed to be compliant with all 90%+ efficiency industry standards. It’s flexible 120-277V universal input offers 91% efficiency at 120V and 93% at 277V, with 6kV surge protection. WiMAC compatibility comes as standard, making the CLH the ideal driver to be used alongside Harvard’s market-leading LeafNut wireless monitoring and control system for street lighting.

Although designed for the street lighting market, the driver is perfect for all applications requiring a high power driver. An IP66 rated version is also available, providing customers with protection in wet environments.

Antony Corrie, Vice President of Harvard Engineering Americas, commented, “We designed the CLH driver to offer a high power solution with any drive current in one product. We also added an IP66 rated version so we could support any customer application requiring either dry or wet rating. Our customers can now standardize on a single compact driver which covers all of their needs and can be simply adapted in the field to set whatever drive current is preferred for their luminaire.”

Harvard recently opened a new warehouse in New Jersey, in order to allow the company to deliver stock items, including the CLH driver, by ground delivery in five working days across the whole of North America.


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