Powerful incentives to reduce energy consumption

01/02/13 Chapeltown , Sheffield - Nick Clegg visits EMS
Mr Paul North, international business development manager for Powerstar with Powerstar MAX unit

Recent announcements by the South African Department of Energy to incentivise companies making measurable savings in energy consumption with a tax benefit and the launch of the Private Sector Energy Efficiency Project – which will help companies identify energy saving measures – are proving to be a major boon for the market leading voltage optimisation manufacturer Powerstar.

The Powerstar voltage optimisation system is already an established energy saving technology within South Africa and the new incentive has provided South African companies with motivation to become more energy efficient, which is leading to increased demand for proven, reliable and results producing energy saving technologies such as  voltage optimisation.

Voltage optimisation is a simple, but extremely effective method for reducing a building’s incoming voltage to around 220V, the optimum rating for all electrical equipment, by employing an innovative device in series with the mains electricity supply. An easy to install solution, capable of delivering guaranteed electricity savings, the technology is being embraced by organisations, with installations throughout South Africa including a 2MVA unit at the headquarters of a government education department in Pretoria.

Entirely manufactured in the UK, the Powerstar range of voltage optimisation systems has been awarded standards and accolades as a mark of the quality of manufacture. The solutions deliver average savings of 12% to 15% and typical payback periods of 3 to 5 years. These results, together with a 10 year warranty, the offer of guaranteed savings and the fully supportive engineering approach from the official distributor in South Africa, is a major factor for the success of Powerstar in South Africa.

Paul North international business development manager for Powerstar said, “The government is making great efforts to encourage businesses in South Africa to recognise the value of making energy savings. Voltage optimisation is an internationally deployed and proven technology delivering excellent savings in energy consumption and carbon emissions. Our own range of Powerstar solutions comes with guaranteed savings, so confident are we of the technology.”

The Powerstar range includes both Low Voltage (LV) and High Voltage (HV) solutions. The LV Powerstar and Powerstar MAX products are installed in series with the existing LV switch gear. The Powerstar HV MAX replaces the existing HV transformer on site, allowing additional savings generated by the transition to an amorphous core low loss transformer, as well as savings generated by voltage optimisation itself.

Exported from the UK to over 15 countries, the benefits of Powerstar have been proven globally. Companies in South Africa are under immense pressure to reduce their carbon footprint, with more than 90% of power still coming from coal-fired plants. The local energy space is therefore fertile ground for Powerstar’s innovative suite of consumption-reduction solutions.

For more information about Powerstar visit  www.powerstar.com or email southafrica@powerstar.com

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