The next generation of hybrid engines

Magnomatics, internationally renowned developer of magnetic transmissions and ultra compact motors, has announced successful evaluation results of the company’s innovative MAGSPLIT® device.

MAGSPLIT being prepared for test

Tested by a number of global car, bus and truck manufacturers the results have now been evaluated. Results in smaller vehicles have shown a fuel economy increase between 3% and 5% compared to current hybrid technologies. Testing has also shown a reduction of up to 35% in fuel consumption in some larger HGV vehicles.

MAGSPLIT and MAGSPLIT 2® are highly innovative and efficient power-split devices that combine the functionality of a magnetic gear and a motor generator in one compact unit, for use in a hybrid power train.

Compared to a conventional hybrid engine system that combines the engine with an electric motor and planetary gear, magnetic gears are known to be more efficient and reliable. For this reason, major manufacturers within the automotive sector have begun to evaluate the benefits of the MAGSPLIT technology.

A contactless system, MAGSPLIT greatly reduces maintenance costs once installed. It also substantially improves the system efficiency and consequently fuel economy of hybrid engines compared to the mechanical gear and motor/generator combination found in many of today’s hybrids.

David Latimer, Business Development Manager
David Latimer, Business Development Manager

David Latimer, business development manager at Magnomatics said, “We are really pleased with how the testing of the MAGSPLIT devices has gone and the results are very promising, demonstrating how much more efficient magnetic gear technology is. We are really looking forward to making some major announcements in the near future.”

Magnetic gear technology can be deployed in a variety of applications and market sectors, including hybrid and electric vehicles, renewables, marine propulsion, aerospace and oil & gas.

Commercialisation of magnetic gears has already started in the oil and gas sector. At present the solution is being used for down bore-hole pumping applications in oil wells.

In 2013, Magnomatics joined “The Proving Factory” to meet the medium volume requirements of customers.

About Magnomatics

Magnomatics are a high technology spin out company from the University of Sheffield who are renowned for innovation as well as manufacturing ground breaking and revolutionary technologies. The company has recently invested millions in developing its advanced magnetic transmission systems and high-torque electrical product portfolio, including the PDD® (Pseudo Direct Drive) and MAGSPLIT®.

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