Green tech company VO4 brings home the bacon for pig farm

pig-farm-saving-picVO4, one of the UK’s leading voltage optimisation manufacturers has collaborated with energy renewal specialists B and CM Walker, based in Driffield East Yorkshire, to successfully install a system that will save a local pig rearing farm thousands of pounds in electricity costs.

The pig rearing farm has discovered the considerable benefits of installing a VO4 system with a reduction in electricity usage equating to a financial saving of £1,315, in the first four months of operation. Taking into consideration seasonal variations it is estimated that the farm will make savings in excess of nearly £4,000 in the first year alone and as much as £20,000 in five years with current electricity prices.

The savings equate to a payback of less than 12 months on energy consumption alone and does not include the reduction in maintenance costs or the prolonged lifespan of equipment that will result from the installation, due to the improvement in the quality of energy delivered.

Like many farms that rear animals, it is very important to control the ambient temperature, to maximise output and minimise the occurrence of any disorders. Animal welfare and the maintenance of good environmental conditions are dependent on a reliable power supply, for lighting and heating.

With farmers keen to reduce energy costs, many are looking to find ways to benefit from proven energy saving products like voltage optimisation. Mick Greensmith, regional sales manager from VO4 commented,

“We are noticing a growing interest from farmers, as they seek to reduce their energy costs. The VO4 3 Phase unit has brought the benefits of voltage optimisation to a price point where even comparatively small farms, in fact small businesses on the whole, can see real long term benefits.”

VO4 systems can be easily fitted by electrical installers and contractors and simply require two wires in and two wires out to become fully operational, a process that takes less than an hour. Installations do not require a change in the consumer unit.

About VO4:

  • Can save 330-500lbs of CO2 emissions each year
  • Can save money on power bills by around £90 to £150 a year
  • Comes with guaranteed savings
  • Will improve the life expectancy of electrical equipment
  • Will improve the power quality (reduce harmonics and improve the power factor)
  • Easy installation – no need to change electricity provider, no rewiring required, no maintenance required, no moving parts
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Is fully designed and manufactured in the UK. All VO4 components, including even minor items such as the paint, are sourced from UK manufacturers
  • The VO4 team has over 150 years combined experience in designing and manufacturing special transformers and the VO4 design is a direct result of this experience.

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