Market leading voltage optimisation system a Royal success

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Market leading voltage optimisation system Powerstar, has been successfully installed at TenCate Grass Middle East, part of Dutch multi-national Royal TenCate, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). 

As a leading global manufacturer of solutions for the protection of people and their environment, TenCate actively sought an appropriate energy saving technology to implement as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility to reduce overall energy consumption and impact on the environment.

As with all potential customers, Powerstar engineers carried out an in-depth site analysis survey to ascertain the guaranteed savings for achievable for TenCate from the installation of voltage optimisation. Results from the survey identified minimum savings of 6.8% would be made, once installed however, the Powerstar system achieved annual electricity consumption savings of 8.7%.

Economic growth across the UAE has led to a substantial increase in energy consumption levels. Trends highlight the region as having one of the world’s highest electricity consumption per capita, and estimates indicate that the domestic demand for power will more than double by 2020.

Voltage optimisation systems discreetly optimise the incoming voltage to ensure it is in-line with the electrical needs of each building, providing not only significant savings on electricity consumption and costs, but also reduced carbon emissions and lower wear and tear to onsite equipment, machinery and appliances.

Dr. Alex Mardapittas, managing director at Powerstar commented, “We are pleased to see such positive results from the TenCate installation. As a company we continue to increase our presence in the UAE, a very important market for us. We are currently working on a number of new and exciting projects in the territory, which we look forward to announcing in the near future.”

Fully manufactured in the UK, Powerstar has been established for over 13 years, and is the only voltage optimisation system with a patented design. Powerstar boasts 100% reliability with no recorded failures across thousands of installations globally, offering a secure, proven and reliable solution for businesses in the UAE.

For more information on Powerstar in the United Arab Emirates, including contact details of local distributors please visit

About Powerstar:

Powerstar is an electrical energy saving solution for commercial buildings that works to reduce energy consumption, lower electricity bills and reduce a company’s impact on the environment. Powerstar:

  • Has been manufactured in the UK by EMSc (UK) Ltd for over 13 years
  • Is the only voltage optimisation system in the world to be granted a patent on its design
  • Range includes Powerstar HV MAX (HV side optimisation) and Powerstar (LV side fixed optimisation) as well as Powerstar MAX (LV side electronic-dynamic optimisation)
  • Has been installed successfully worldwide  – Landmark installations include: Palace of Westminster, London City Hall, House of Keys and Western Parliament Australia
  • Clients include: ASDA, NHS, Cineworld, Co-Operative Group, Hilton Hotels, Sheffield Hallam University, Transport for London, Premier Inn, Cabinet Office, AESSEAL, Merseyside Police, Sandvik, Punch Taverns, Beefeater Grill, Holiday Inn, Mothercare, University of Surrey, London Fire Brigade and Sheffield City Council
  • Systems in the range are fully designed and manufactured in the UK, by Sheffield based EMSc (UK) Ltd
  • Systems reduce electricity consumption, delivering savings on electricity bills through the reduction and cleaning of the incoming power supply, at the same time also reducing CO2 emissions
  • Has recorded savings of up to 26.1% on electricity consumption (Guoman Thistle Hotel – London), average expected savings from installation of a Powerstar system are 12%-15%
  • Comes with guaranteed savings, 15 years warranty (10 outside the UK) and an expected 50 year lifespan

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