Harvard launches Fluorescent to LED linear upgrade solution

Harvard logo

Harvard Engineering, market leading manufacturer of energy saving lighting solutions, including LED drivers, LED light engines and controls, has launched a new innovative solution, which allows companies manufacturing fluorescent lighting fixtures to simply and quickly convert them to LED.

The LED linear upgrade solution combines Harvard’s CoolLED drivers with the company’s 3000K, 3500K and 4000K light engines available in both 80 & 90CRI, from the LEDeng range. The simple modular plug-in solution needs only one 33W CoolLED driver to run two 2-foot light engines in parallel.

The solution offers highly consistent color, an efficacy of over 130 lumens per watt, 120-277V mains input, Analog 0-10V dimming down to 5%, and is scalable to any length with push wire connections between boards. With both standard and high lumen output options, the system can generate up to 1615 lumens per foot. All parts of the system are UL recognized, making for a simple, hassle-free switch to LED.

Antony Corrie, Vice President of Harvard Engineering Americas, commented, “Our LED linear upgrade solution makes it easy for our customers to switch from fluorescent to LED lighting using our latest LED technology. The system has also helped some customers migrate from Constant Voltage LED systems, to constant current enabling built-in drivers to be used instead of remote power supplies.”

For more information, please contact the Americas sales team on 858-882-3844 or email USsales@harvardeng.com

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