Harvard Americas unveils product videos

Harvard Engineering Americas, world leader in the design, development and manufacture of energy efficient lighting solutions, has launched a series of new product demonstration videos showcasing some of the company’s latest releases.

The videos, which will be uploaded on to various social media sites including Twitter and LinkedIn over the next few weeks focus on Harvard’s market-leading ranges of products. These include CoolLED LED Drivers, the LEDeng range of standard LED light engines, and LeafNut, the industry leading monitoring and control system for street and outdoor lighting and winner of a Money-Saving Product award from Buildings magazine.

The videos were all written by employees from Harvard’s sales team, who feature in the videos themselves, meaning each video has its own distinct style and personality.

Antony Corrie, vice president of Harvard Engineering Americas, stated, “We wanted to do something different that grabs the viewer’s attention and gets them engaged. The videos get you right into the personality of our products and don’t drag-on with a bunch of mundane technical data. We’d rather talk to our customers about what our products can do technically on the phone or in person.”

The launch of the videos was based on the success of several videos that the company produced for LIGHTFAIR 2014.

Owen Murray, marketing executive at Harvard Engineering Americas, commented, “We made some short videos to generate buzz prior to LIGHTFAIR 2014. We had great fun making them and we got such positive feedback at the show that we decided to continue. Of course it’s important to talk about our products, but we also wanted to showcase our sales team. At Harvard, we sell a high quality product and provide an equal level of outstanding customer service. All of that begins with our staff.”

To view the videos subscribe to Harvard Engineering on YouTube. The videos will also be posted on the company’s LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages.

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