UK’s largest ever timber structure erected in Leeds

RERF cross green

Installation was recently completed in Cross Green, Leeds, of a huge wooden arch. The arch is part of the largest ever timber frame structure of its type to be built in the UK.

The 42-metre high arched frame, which will form part of the Leeds RERF (Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility), is being designed to compliment the surrounding environment. Once completed, the new RERF facility will become an impressive addition to the Leeds skyline.

Manufactured using Glulam laminated timber – one of the most sustainable building and construction materials available – the material was not only chosen for its structural qualities, but also for its sustainable and aesthetically pleasing properties. Glulam is light, robust and has the ability to be formed and used in outstanding architectural spaces.

Work has been progressing on the timber structure since early June and the arch arriving on site represents a major milestone in the construction project.

The RERF facility is being built by Clugston Construction in collaboration with partner CNIM, under contract with Veolia, for Leeds City Council. Once completed in Summer 2015, it will divert over 200,000 tonnes of household waste away from landfill, using the remaining unrecyclable material to generate electricity.

Clugston Construction project manager Tony Wing commented, “We have progressed at the facility in Leeds as expected. Everyone who is working on site is proud to be part of such an exciting project that will provide so many benefits to the Leeds community.”

The design of the facility comes from internationally renowned architect Jean-Robert Mazaud of S’pace Architects in France. The frame has been supplied by German timber specialist, Hess Timber, whose recent work includes the D1 tower in Dubai and the Museum of the Foundation Louis Vuitton in Paris.

Clugston Construction, which has offices in Swillington in Leeds, recently won the ‘Contractor of the Year’ award at the Committed to Construction In West Yorkshire Awards.

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