Locally engineered energy saving product saves companies money

Powerstar LogoOlam International, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, Newburgh Precision and Holmfirth Dyers have joined other established Yorkshire manufacturing companies such as Swann Morton, AESSEAL and PALRAM in installing locally engineered voltage optimisation solution Powerstar to cut their energy consumption.

Significant savings in energy consumption, reductions in carbon emissions and guaranteed financial savings have made Powerstar, the world’s market leading solution, an ideal energy saving product for Yorkshire businesses.

Olam International, a leading global agri-business operating from seed to shelf in 65 countries, has seen savings of 14.1% in its electricity consumption at its facility in Goole. This equates to 203.1 tonnes of carbon emissions saved per annum, which plays an important role in meeting the company’s carbon emissions targets.

Holmfirth Dyers, a family run business processing in excess of 6.3 million metres of fabric per year, is renowned for its investment in cutting edge technology, as demonstrated through the installation of the latest Powerstar solution HV MAX.

The first product of its kind on the market, when launched in 2012, Powerstar HV MAX combines a transformer with voltage optimisation technology to deliver increased energy savings. Holmfirth Dyers now enjoys a reduction in energy consumption of 10.9%, delivering annual financial savings of £13,852, and a reduction of 88 tonnes of carbon per year.

Dave Burrows, plant provision manager at Newburgh Precision, where they have seen a 10% reduction in energy consumption and annual financial savings of £14,079 at their new facility in Rotherham said: “Powerstar gave us an effective, guaranteed option to reduce our electricity consumption and carbon emissions. We have seen a reduction in motor drive failures, giving us greater efficiency and providing further savings on top of those promised.”

Speaking of the installation at Trelleborg, which saw savings of 11.2%, production engineer Daniel Durrant commented, “Powerstar presented their findings and showed us we could make further, significant reductions as well as reducing harmonics and correcting the incoming voltage for our equipment on site. The guaranteed savings presented were exceeded and the installation was quick with minimal disruption. I’d fully recommend voltage optimisation through Powerstar.

Dr. Alex Mardapittas, managing director of Powerstar, commented, “We offer a full supportive approach to all our clients to ensure we only install the best engineered solution for their site. As a Yorkshire based manufacturing company we know that our clients, especially those in Yorkshire, appreciate this tailored personal approach.”

Established for over 13 years, Powerstar continues to carry out all its research and development, as well as sourcing and manufacturing in the UK. Powerstar is the only voltage optimisation product in the world with a granted patent on its design, making it unique from other voltage optimisation systems.

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