Harvard launches Retro LED Geartrays

A before and after image of the Blaenau Gwent Retro LED Geartray installation, which is saving 71% energy

Harvard Engineering, world leader in the design, development and manufacture of energy saving lighting solutions, has launched a range of Retro LED Geartrays to allow local authorities to lower the energy and costs associated with their street lighting networks, without having to fully replace luminaires.

The retrofit solution, part of the LEDeng range, allows SON, SOX and CFL street lights to easily be converted to LED, without losing lighting performance.  The plug-and-play geartrays are easy to install, taking an average of three minutes per fitting, with instant energy savings of up to 75% and CO2 reductions of up to 100kg per lamp per year.

Harvard’s new solution combines the performance benefits of the company’s CoolLED driver range with its engineering competence seen in the design and manufacture of the LEDeng light engine range. The geartrays are conformal coated and offer even light distribution with 80CRI.

The Retro LED solution also has the additional benefits of a low capital cost significantly less than the cost of a new LED luminaire. With a two to three time return on investment, many local authorities have already installed the Retro LED Geartrays. The solution offers an energy efficient ‘lights on’ alternative to part-night cells, which switch street lights off for part of the night.

James Quinn, head of outdoor sales at Harvard Engineering, commented, “With energy prices ever-increasing and street lighting now included in the Carbon Reduction Commitment, many local authorities want to upgrade their street lighting to LED to save energy and costs but they don’t have the capital costs to do so. Our Retro LED Geartrays offer a cost-effective solution to upgrade to LED by utilising existing street lights, with an excellent payback period. Local authorities can now save money by keeping their street lights on!”

Retro LED Geartrays are currently designed for the Eleco, Beta 5 & 2, and MI26 & MI36 lanterns, with further solutions coming soon including for the ARC80, Libra, Sapphire 1 & 2 and ZX1.

Russell Fletcher, sales and marketing director at Harvard, added, “Our Retro LED Geartrays make retrofitting current street lighting to LED easy. They are the perfect solution for local authorities that want to upcycle their current street lighting without costly replacement luminaires.”

The Retro LED Geartrays are compatible with Salix funding criteria and can also be installed with SmartNight or alongside Harvard’s LeafNut wireless monitoring and management system for street lighting, for additional energy savings.

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