Harvard introduces HLEDs

Harvard HLED Team
Harvard’s Operations Team

Harvard Engineering, world leader in the design, development and manufacture of energy saving lighting solutions, has introduced a new sustainable operations culture called Harvard’s Lean Enterprise Deployment System, or HLEDs.

HLEDs has been developed to drive out all forms of waste to achieve industry best practice, developing and maintaining a highly organised and effective working environment, with repeatability in all manufacturing processes. This will help to meet and exceed customer expectations for quality, cost and delivery.

The HLEDs work so far includes developing lean leaders, training and developing team leaders and supervisors in ‘seeing waste’, and developing and creating leader standard work. Harvard has also been holding Kaizen – a Japanese term meaning change for better – events that have seen improved output, floor space reduction labour content and material flow.

Andrew Winter, operations director at Harvard, commented, “HLEDs is a vision with a common language that will drive a set of Principles and Practices to add value for the customer and business by enabling the workforce. Through continuous improvement Harvard will become a ‘Centre of Excellence’, recognised for our network of powerful brands, world-class enterprise processes and talented people.”

Harvard has created a five-year transformational plan with around twenty Big Impact Kaizen Events, or BIKE Projects, scheduled for 2014 and 2015. A LEAN team and many visual management techniques have also been implemented, such as SQDCC (Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost and Cash) at both facility and cell level, Hour-by-Hour productivity boards, and TV communications of the HLEDs continuous improvement program.

Martin Baum, finance director at Harvard, added, “At Harvard we systematically review our policies, processes, suppliers and partners to ensure that responsible and sustainable business practice is followed. HLEDs will continue to help drive this, to ensure the highest standards of conduct and performance across our supply chain.”

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