Powerstar cuts energy costs for Trelleborg


Trelleborg a world leader in engineered polymer solutions that seal, damp and protect critical applications in demanding environments – with facilities across the world including Poland – has reduced energy consumption at one of its sites by 11.2% thanks to the installation of a Powerstar voltage optimisation system.

Not only have energy savings at the site surpassed Powerstar’s original guaranteed projection of 7.7%, but also kWh savings have reached 160,751 kWh per year and the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions amounted to 78.8 tonnes.

With coal responsible for producing more than 90% of Poland’s electricity, it means that any solution to reduce electricity consumption and as a result greenhouse gas emissions, is a welcome one – especially as far as EU watchdogs are concerned.

Powerstar systems take the incoming voltage provided by the electricity authority and cut the excess, sending the amount of voltage not needed by the site back to the electricity grid. This creates negative power, which goes towards the supply and reduces the electrical consumption of the site.

Daniel Durrant, production engineer for Trelleborg Sealing Solutions in the UK commented, “We installed a variety of energy-saving solutions at our facility, including high-efficiency T5 fluorescent lighting and large inverter drives, and we were very pleased with the results from these.

After this, Powerstar presented their findings and showed us we could make further, significant reductions as well as reducing harmonics and correcting the incoming voltage for our equipment on site.

“The guaranteed savings presented were exceeded and the installation was quick, with minimal disruption. I would fully recommend voltage optimisation through Powerstar.”

Significant savings in energy consumption, reductions in carbon emissions and guaranteed financial savings have made Powerstar – the world’s market leading voltage optimisation system with a patent on the design – an ideal energy saving product for manufacturing companies like Trelleborg across not only Poland, but the world.

To find out how you can benefit from the installation of a Powerstar system visit www.powerstar.com, or email info@powerstar.com

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