Harvard launches first range of standard LED light engines

Harvard’s LEDeng Finger Board.
Harvard’s LEDeng Finger Board.

Harvard Engineering Americas, world leader in the design, development and manufacture of energy efficient lighting solutions, has launched a range of standard light engines called LEDeng, which are compatible with the company’s CoolLED range of LED drivers.

The LEDeng range of highly efficient modular light engines is compatible with phase, 0-10V & DALI dimming and has a simple push wire connection, as well as multiple fixing points for simple no-fuss final assembly. The light engines are available in 80 & 90CRI with options of 3000k, 3500k and 4000k color temperature.

The light engines have been designed in conjunction with the CoolLED range of market-leading LED drivers to provide a total LED Solution, which works seamlessly.

Antony Corrie, Vice President of Harvard Engineering Americas, commented, “Our standard range of LEDeng light engines have been designed in conjunction with our LED drivers to provide customers with a flexible all-in-one LED Solution. Our offering gives customers the chance to pair one of our LED drivers with multiple LED engines in several form factors & lumen output packages suitable for most LED light fixtures. We are already seeing a big adoption of our LEDeng solutions & we’re excited to bring this standard offering to the Americas market.”

All of Harvard’s light engines and drivers are UL recognized and are provided with a five-year system warranty in the USA.

For details on the LEDeng product family, please visit www.harvardeng.com/ledengines.do

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