Chicopee Launches Cleaning Towel for Coffee Machines

Chicopee Coffee Towel in use.
Chicopee Coffee Towel in use.

Chicopee, leading manufacturer of professional cleaning wipes, has launched a cleaning towel specifically designed for professional coffee machines. The Chicopee Coffee Towel has heat resistant properties and superior cleaning capabilities, which allow baristas to clean machines thoroughly in seconds, without risk to their own safety and comfort.

Heat resistant up to 250˚C and proven to be stronger than traditional cloths, whether used wet or dry, the Chicopee Coffee Towel has a unique weave structure, is 30% more durable and can absorb up to nine times its own weight.

The structure also reduces bacteria pick up, is easier to rinse and reuse and enables the towel to be machine-washed multiple times without losing its cleaning properties, providing excellent value for money.

“Keeping coffee machines clean and hygienic is crucial to producing the best tasting, freshest coffee”, explains James Taylor, director of product marketing for Chicopee. “The steam wand is an integral part of the coffee machine and the warm, frothy milk that it produces is what makes professionally-made coffee taste so delicious.”

Mr Taylor added, “If not properly maintained, the steam wand can not only become a breeding ground for bacteria, it can also cause machine malfunctions. The Chicopee Coffee Towel is a cost effective way to fight bacteria and maintain safe and simple cleaning practices.”

Assessed by the German test institute ISEGA for Food Contact Clearance, the cloth is approved for use in food handling environments – vital for use with milk – and its unique orange colour ensures adherence to HACCP standards for safe and effective cleaning, reducing the risk of incorrect use.

The new Chicopee Coffee Towel will benefit operators of Europe’s two million professional coffee machines, which serve an average of one billion cups of coffee every day. More than 30% of these cups are served in restaurants and coffee bars with hotels, cafes, pubs and bars making up the remainder.

chicopee logo

About Chicopee:

Chicopee is the leading supplier of specialty cleaning wipes and materials for the professional market. With over 40 years’ experience delivering specialty solutions to Food Service, Building Care, Medical, Automotive and Industrial markets, Chicopee wipes provide a practical and highly effective way of ensuring a clean environment.

Part of the PGI Group, a global producer and marketer of specialty materials and the world’s leading producer of nonwovens, Chicopee is able to use a broad range of process technologies to deliver engineered solutions to the professional cleaning market

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