Green tech company reaches 10,000 milestone

From the left: the 100Amp 3 phase unit and the compact single phase unit
From the left: the 100Amp 3 phase unit and the compact single phase unit

VO4, one the UK’s leading voltage optimisation brands, will be celebrating its fifth year of incorporation in 2015 with the news it has already sold over 10,000 units since being launched and that all products will adhere to the latest wiring regulations.

The company which has a network of trade partners, re-sellers, distributors and electrical wholesalers across the UK, Europe, USA and Australasia, is renowned for continually seeking to ensure its products meet the latest standards and regulations.

VO4 fully supports and respects the forthcoming changes to the wiring regulations for consumer products. Both 100Amp 3 phase and 60Amp single phase units currently adhere to the wiring regulations and will comply with amendment 3 coming into force in July 2015.

All VO4 products are designed and manufactured by EMSc (UK) Ltd, which has been at the forefront of the voltage optimisation industry for over thirteen years and has demonstrated an ability to manufacture proven, reliable and secure solutions that reduce electricity consumption and energy costs.

It is with some confidence that EMSc can boast it will ensure that any enhancements made to the system comply with new regulations and that they will have no adverse effect on the efficiency of the system.

VO4 national sales manager Mick Greensmith, commented, “We are all delighted to have reached this major milestone. We remain one of the UK’s leading voltage optimisation brands for domestic and small commercial installations and we plan to ensure our products continue to evolve to meet market expectations.”

Fitted by electrical installers and contractors, VO4 products simply require two wires in and two wires out to become fully operational, a process that takes less than an hour. Installations do not require a change in the consumer unit.

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