Body Doctor launches innovative Eye Doctor®

body doctor logo

The Body Doctor, a family run business, will be showcasing the all new Eye Doctor® the ingenious eyelid heat mask filled with a revolutionary patent pending technology, BodyBeads® which can be safely heated in both the microwave and oven, on stand E74 at 100% Optical 2015.

The microwavable compress helps banish the symptoms of a number of eye irritations and conditions, including Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, the leading cause of Dry Eye Disease, Ocular Inflammation, Chalazia and Styes.

The Eye Doctor® conforms to the eyelids, has an adjustable strap for personal comfort and is made with the highest quality materials, to ensure comfort during use. Due to the ingenious filling with BodyBeads®, the Eye Doctor® also has prolonged heat retention properties and it comes with a pouch for safe storage or travel.


Dr Colin Parsloe, speciality doctor in ophthalmology at a University Hospital in Bedfordshire, as a Dry Eye Disease sufferer himself, is impressed. “In my opinion the Eye Doctor® is the best quality eyelid heat mask on the market. Not only do I love it for my eyes but it appears to be my patient’s first choice hot compress.”

The founder of The Body Doctor, Sue Grant, has over 20 years experience in heatable products. As a result of the growing success of the Eye Doctor®, The Body Doctor has also developed two new eye care products. Firstly, retailing at only £9.99, the Eye Mask, a flax filled hot eye compress, and secondly the Ice Doctor®, a wheat filled cold eye compress to ease the symptoms of hayfever, allergies, inflammation, swelling and tired, itchy, puffy, sore eyes as well as sinus headaches and migraines.

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