Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility to Open Doors to the public

Leeds RERF Image for PR[1]

Young people from Leeds are being offered an exclusive opportunity to have a look behind the scenes at one of the area’s major construction projects.

On the 6th and 7th March Clugston Construction will open the doors of the Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility, Cross Green, Leeds to allow young people to take a tour and learn more about the world of construction and the career possibilities in this sector.

The project itself is the construction of a Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility on behalf of Veolia, Leeds City Council’s residual waste management partner.  When complete the facility will process up to 214,000 tonnes of black bin waste to recover valuable recyclable material prior to sending the residue to be turned into energy to power up to the equivalent of 20,000 homes.

Open Doors is an industry initiative to show the diverse and exciting range of career opportunities that construction has to offer and the wide range of skills that need to come together to make buildings and infrastructure part of our everyday lives. It will also demonstrate the importance of construction to both the national and regional economies.

The Open Doors Weekend is the result of a partnership between five leading industry bodies; UK Construction Group (UKCG), CITB-ConstructionSkills, The Considerate Constructors Scheme, Construction News and the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB).

Clugston is one of over 20 employers taking part in the Open Doors Weekend with over 75 sites registered across England, Scotland and Wales.

Paul Gouland, Marketing Director at Clugston commented “Construction is undergoing rapid change and needs to develop a skilled, diverse workforce to meet these challenges and maintain its position as one of this country’s most dynamic, creative and important industries. Nowadays construction is more about careers than jobs and the expected increase in demand for management roles in the next few years means that we need quality talent entering the industry now to fill these future positions.

Open Doors Weekend is a unique opportunity for the industry to display the complexity, excitement and scope of modern construction projects and give people a taste of what it’s really like to work in the industry. However, places will be limited so I would encourage anyone interested to go on the website  and register to secure their place to avoid disappointment.”

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