Clugston drives to the Houses of Parliament

Clugston Trailer
Clugston Trailer with Driver First Assist message

Head of logistics at Clugston Distribution, David Heath, was recently asked to give a short presentation on the company’s involvement in the life saving Driver First Assist (DFA) initiative, at a select Parliamentary reception at the House of Commons.

Organised by the DFA, Mr. Heath discussed the importance of enhancing driver skills and the value in educating drivers on how to react correctly and with immediacy at road traffic accidents. He also went on to talk about the enthusiasm Clugston Distribution staff has shown in learning about the initiative – so far 31 employees have already taken part in the training scheme.

A not-for-profit organisation, DFA was set up to train professional drivers in the basic life saving tools needed during a road traffic accident. The scheme gives drivers the essential skills required to accurately assess the scene of a road traffic accident and to alert the emergency services correctly ahead of their arrival.

It is estimated that up to 46 per cent of road traffic fatalities could be prevented if the right first aid assistance was available in those first moments.

At the reception Rob Flello, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Freight Transport, addressed the 30 guests, which consisted of operators, manufacturers, politicians, media and VIPs.

Robert Carr, a Clugston Distribution employee and driver trainer who took part in the DFA training said, “I feel I have a better understanding of how to manage the scene of an accident and I am more confident that I could give good advice to the emergency services on how many vehicles as well as casualties may have been involved.”

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