Harvard launches CLK 0-10V RSET driver

Harvard’s CLK 0-10V RSET driver
Harvard’s CLK 0-10V RSET driver

Harvard Engineering Americas, the leading company in the design, development and manufacture of energy saving lighting solutions, has added the CLK 0-10V RSET driver to its market leading CoolLED range.

With a small form factor and a wide voltage range, the UL approved CLK 0-10V RSET driver comes with 5% and 1% dimming options and 33W of power. The driver is available in A, B and Bottom Feed (BF) case styles, with push wire terminal blocks, making it easy to wire the driver to the light source on the production line, improving productivity.

Antony Corrie, vice president of Harvard Americas, commented, “The adaptable CLK 0-10V RSET driver runs a wide range of light sources making it perfect for a number of applications, including spot modules, track lighting, downlights and bollards, as well as wall packs. This product will allow our customers to significantly reduce their SKU count, in many cases to just one LED driver for all applications.”

Alongside the standard CLK 0-10V RSET driver, Harvard has also launched an electronically programmable variant.  This comes with a simple docking station to make programming as simple as possible and is believed to be the faster of its kind on the market, programmable in just 0.6 seconds.

Corrie added, “We are particularly proud of the electronically programmable variant of the CLK 0-10V RSET driver, which simplifies programming on the production line, helping to improve productivity and removing the need for resistors. The variant also outperforms the competition in programming time, a significant additional benefit for productivity during production.”

Harvard’s market leading CoolLED drivers offer a high performance solution for powering high brightness LEDs from a mains supply. The range is designed, developed and manufactured at the company’s headquarters in the UK.

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