Revolutionary indoor lighting solution to launch at LIGHTFAIR 2015

Harvard LFI emailgraphic

Harvard Engineering Americas, world leader in the design, development and manufacture of energy saving lighting solutions, is pleased to announce that it will be launching its EyeNut wireless monitoring and management system into the US market at LIGHTFAIR 2015 on Booth 3871.

EyeNut is the first of a new generation of control systems that are revolutionizing the indoor lighting market, by allowing users to completely customize lighting schemes to their exact requirements. Using the reliable ZigBee protocol, luminaires can be controlled, dimmed and managed wirelessly, individually or in groups, via a secure, central online ‘dashboard’.

The dashboard can be accessed from devices such as PCs, laptops, tablets and even mobiles, to give any user with authorized access the ability to manage and control multiple installations from a single hub.

Antony Corrie, vice president of Harvard Americas, commented,

“We are really excited to be launching EyeNut into the US market at LIGHTFAIR 2015. EyeNut is a unique retrofit solution which can not only provide energy savings and cost reductions but also allows users to adapt lighting to suit any space and application.”

Harvard will also be offering demonstration of its innovative LeafNut wireless monitoring and control system for street and outdoor lighting, as well as showcasing LED Solutions, which combines the company’s CoolLED range of LED drivers and LEDeng light engines to provide an all-in-one LED package.

Antony Corrie added,

“Our innovative energy saving product ranges provide many benefits to luminaire manufacturers and we are looking forward to showcasing these at LIGHTFAIR 2015. We don’t make light fixtures, we just make yours better.”

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