Drive Launches Anti-Slip Range

drive medical logo

Drive Medical Limited, a leading manufacturer and distributor of durable mobility equipment in Europe, has launched a range of anti-slip and grip products, to help individuals maintain and promote independent living.

The range includes a Cup Holder, providing a firm grip on cups of all shapes and sizes, a self-sealing Cupcap that stretches over the top of cups, glasses and beakers allowing a straw to enter for drinking, and a three item kitchen grip set, including a jar opener and bottle opener which provide assistance in unscrewing tightly fitted bottle and jar lids.

The anti-slip range also includes strips and circles for wet areas to provide grip for bare feet, as well as material reels, offering a do-it-yourself alternative to the manufactured products.

The anti-slip range is unique as it is made entirely from silicone rubber, a material that is non-toxic and chemically inert, and does not contain phthalate plasticisers. It is also antimicrobial, providing continuous protection against a wide range of bacteria and is fully washable and autoclave safe up to 250oC.

Alan Sullivan, Sales and Marketing Manager at Drive Medical, commented,

“We are really excited to launch our anti-slip and grip range of products. As a company, we aim to develop and manufacture products that help users to stay active and independent, and this new range of products does precisely that.”

As well as promoting independent living, Drive Medical’s anti-slip and grip range is also perfectly suited for clinical and care home environments.

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