Harvard to launch LeafNut at the IES Street & Area Lighting Conference

Harvard logo on greenHarvard Americas, world leader in the design, development and manufacture of energy saving lighting solutions, will be launching its award-winning LeafNut monitoring and control system for street and outdoor lighting at the IES Street & Area Lighting Conference from 4th to 7th October 2015 at the Westin Savannah Harbor Hotel.

LeafNut is a proven technology which allows users to remotely manage and dim street lights, helping to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions. The innovative solution has been installed by over 100 municipalities in Europe, across more than 400,000 light points.

Visitors to Harvard’s stand at the IES Roadway Show will be able to see how simple the system is to operate, gaining hands-on experience of the easy-to-use ‘dashboard’ and the mapping profile, which uses Google Maps to provide a layout of all controllable light points.

Harvard will also be debuting the EyeNut monitoring and management system for indoor and small-scale outdoor lighting, which is perfect for car garages and parking lots. Using the latest ZigBee technology, EyeNut also utilizes an easy-to-use dashboard to help users save energy and cost costs by remotely managing their lighting.

Antony Corrie, president of worldwide sales at Harvard Engineering, commented,

“LeafNut has revolutionised the street and outdoor lighting market across Europe by allowing local municipalities and other users to fully control all their light points. We are looking forward to introducing the solution into the Americas market at the IES Roadway Show 2015.”

Harvard will also be showcasing its leading range of high power UL-approved drivers, as well as the RetroLED range of gear trays which offer a plug-and-play solution for upgrading SON, SOX and CFL street lights to LED, without expensive column replacements.

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