Holiday Park saves £23,000 and 144 tonnes of carbon emissions every year

powerstar logoPatrington Haven Leisure Park, a five star caravan park in the East Riding of Yorkshire, is benefitting from saving over £23,000 a year on energy costs – a 16.9% saving on consumption – as well as reduced CO2 emissions by 144 tonnes, following the installation of a voltage optimisation solution from the world’s leading brand, Powerstar.

The park, which has a heated indoor swimming pool, fitness centre, multi-use sports court, bar and restaurant, all of which require heating and lighting 365 days of the year, has been awarded a number of prestigious awards for its progressive approach to the environment, including a David Bellamy Gold Conservation award and a Yorkshire in Bloom award.

Powerstar recommended the installation of a HV MAX super-low loss, amorphous core distribution transformer, with integrated electronic voltage optimisation, to replace the Park’s inefficient 50 year old distribution transformer.

Powerstar HV MAX transformers exceed the latest Eco Design 2021 recommended efficiency specifications and have done so since being launched in 2013, providing a solution that delivers greater returns on investment over the transformer’s lifespan, in comparison to conventional distribution transformers.

HV MAX should not to be confused with standard super-low loss amorphous core HV transformers, as the solutions are not comparable, the Powerstar HV MAX is a combined solution that offers users not only the recognised benefits of a highly efficient super low-loss transformer but additional savings, efficiencies and energy reduction benefits afforded from electronic-dynamic voltage optimisation and a stabilised voltage output.

Mr Guy Sparkes, director Patrington Haven Leisure said,

“We are extremely pleased with the savings provided by Powerstar, which are in excess of the savings guarantee. Powerstar was a fantastic company to work with.”

Russ Pemberton regional sales manager Powerstar said,

“It is very rewarding to see how much businesses can save on their energy costs with the installation of a Powerstar system, even in the current climate, with energy prices the lowest they have been for a few years.”

To find out how you can benefit from the installation of a Powerstar system visit:

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