Nimbox users get 5 times more storage

 Thomas Chappelow, Nimbox’s managing director
Thomas Chappelow, Nimbox’s managing director

Nimbox, a leading provider of privacy-focused corporate cloud backup and file sharing systems, is pleased to announce that it has increased the size of its Vault encrypted file sharing system from 10GB to 50GB for all users.

Nimbox Vault is accessible via an online portal, desktop devices and mobile phones, offering end-to-end encryption as well as an unmatched level of privacy, enabling users to work in the cloud without the fear of a data breach.

The storage space increase allows customers to save more files in their secure Vault at no additional cost. The increase comes after a period of rapid growth for Nimbox, and makes the system even more cost effective than any competitor solution.

Thomas Chappelow, managing director at Nimbox, commented,

“We are really pleased to be able to increase the storage limit of our Vault system free of charge for all users. Increasing the amount of files that can be stored will allow users to save much more data, helping to improve workplace collaboration, whilst increasing robust data security practices throughout their organisation.”

Earlier this year, Nimbox enhanced Vault by adding a number of new features, including; enhanced global file locking, the ability to configure backups of any folder on a PC or Mac from the ‘right click’ menu, customisation of email templates, the ability to pause and resume sync on the desktop client, and the launch of a plug-in for Outlook.

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