Nimbox sees its users double in six months

 Thomas Chappelow, Nimbox’s managing director
Thomas Chappelow, Nimbox’s managing director

Nimbox, a leading provider of privacy-focused corporate cloud backup and file sharing systems, is celebrating growth following a significant increase in the number of users choosing its platforms.

The company’s Vault encrypted file collaboration and file-sharing system is used by over 300 businesses across the UK, nearly 190 of which are professional firms including solicitors, accountants and design agencies. A total of 16,255 users are signed up to the Vault platform, a number that has more than doubled in the past six months.

Nimbox has seen increasing success as more and more people are turning to the cloud and are looking for secure solutions for sharing sensitive files. Altogether, over 25,000 users are now using Nimbox’s file sharing, back up and cloud storage solutions.

Thomas Chappelow, managing director at Nimbox, commented,

“following the Apple iCloud hack in late 2014, which was covered across the national media, people have become more aware of the need to use secure and encrypted cloud solutions. Our system, including Vault, offers just this. It is great that we have seen users more than double in the first half of 2015. We are continuing to develop the solution to ensure it remains the most secure on the market, and hope this will continue to encourage users to sign up.”

At a cost of just £8 per user, Nimbox offers real privacy, superior features and better support than any other file sharing, cloud system on the market.

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