AVINTIV forges ahead with €25 million European investment

AVINTIV LogoAVINTIV, a global leader in hygiene materials, is forging ahead with its plan to invest €25 million at two facilities in Europe.

AVINTIV completed the first phase of the plan this summer, investing in two meltblown units in Tarragona, Spain, to convert SSXXS to SSMMS and increase capacity by 50%, 15KMT. This investment was in direct response to the evolving market demand for spunmelt in personal care products across Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

The second phase of AVINTIV’s plan is to develop the capabilities of its operation in Terno D’Isola, Italy, where a significant investment is being made in three key areas.

A brand new, state of the art carded line is being installed to increase the company’s capability to produce soft materials. In addition, AVINTIV is upgrading one of its production lines in Terno D’Isola, to allow for multilayer products and extra spooling capacity, which will ensure more competitive products are manufactured.

Most excitedly, AVINTIV is investing in a state of the art R&D and product testing facility which will allow the company’s team of personal care experts to further enhance and develop new innovative composite solutions with AVINTIV’s unique array of specialty materials.

Jean Marc Galvez, President EMEA at AVINTIV said,

“The investment underscores the importance the company places in increasing the performance of its Personal Care products through innovative spunmelt & carded technologies. As a result of fundamental diaper design changes, what you’re seeing from Avintiv is a continuous focus to support customers’ growth and innovation in Europe, the Middle East and Africa with new investments. This is in addition to our recent acquisition of Dounor, and further expansion is under consideration.”

AVINTIV prides itself on developing and manufacturing differentiated specialty material solutions for some of the world’s leading providers of baby diapers, feminine hygiene and adult incontinence products.

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