Baltimore Gas & Electric Approves Pilot to Measure and Verify Powerstar© Voltage Optimisation Savings

Two Properties to Be Assessed, More Projects in the Powerstar Pipeline.

John Kovacs (EnTel), Calvin Butler, Jr. (BG&E CEO, Michael Hunter (EnTel CEO) and Martin Stevens (EMSc International Sales Director) at the Four Seasons Baltimore Hotel
John Kovacs (EnTel), Calvin Butler, Jr. (BG&E CEO, Michael Hunter (EnTel CEO) and Martin Stevens (EMSc International Sales Director) at the Four Seasons Baltimore Hotel

As part of his remarks to a captive audience of power industry professionals attending an event hosted at a Four Seasons Hotel, Baltimore Gas & Electric (BG&E) Chief Executive Officer Calvin Butler, Jr. expounded upon BG&E being the first utility in North America to approve a pilot for Powerstar©, the global leader in consumer based voltage optimisation technology.

Butler has previously commented that BG&E — with more than 1.2 million electric customers and 650,000 gas customers – has one of the most aggressive energy-efficiency programmes.  At the request of BG&E clients doing business with Powerstar distributor EnTel, the utility – in coordination with leading Smart Grid players, Navigant and Itron – will independently measure and verify savings in two installations being brought forward as custom incentive rebate applications for a municipal-owned building and the Four Seasons Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland.

Powerstar provides a 100% guaranteed permanent reduction in electricity consumption plus increased equipment performance.  With average savings of 12% to 15% on electricity bills, Powerstar voltage optimisation (also known as “VO”) technology works by lowering the voltage coming in from the grid so that it more closely matches the specifications for running electrical equipment.

British-based manufacturer and EnTel partner EMSc, has installed over 6,500 Powerstar units worldwide including sites such as the London Stock Exchange, London City Hall and throughout the ASDA supermarket chain, which is owned by retail giant Wal-Mart.

In a move that could one day be indicative of what could happen with utilities like BG&E in the US, top European utility “npower” became the first utility in the world to offer Powerstar voltage optimisation systems directly to their business clients earlier this year.  The decision by npower Business to exclusively market the unique range of patented Powerstar voltage optimisation solutions highlights the standing the brand has developed in the market since being established in 2001.

Said Michael Hunter, CEO of EnTel,

“If you look at the history of demand-driven energy efficiency, the market loves simplicity, products that work and work well.  As a first of its kind supply-side solution residing at the customer level, we promise clients by optimising the voltage coming into their buildings, Powerstar is the simplest way to enjoy guaranteed savings on their electricity consumption costs”. He added, “If you combine the saved energy from VO with the storage capacity of the recently launched Virtue product, you will understand why Powerstar products are the next big thing in the energy space.”

“Our partners, like EnTel, are crucial to the success of linking BG&E clients to Powerstar and EMSc,” said Martin Steven, International Sales Director from EMSc, who was also present to hear Mr Butler speak. “The energy expertise of Michael Hunter and his team at EnTel is accelerating how VO technology gains traction in North American markets”.

In addition to upcoming installations at the two buildings currently slotted for the BG&E pilot, other properties slated for contract and installation within the next six months include a university, a water treatment facility, a convention centre and more hotel sites throughout the US.

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