Clugston Distribution invests in £50,000 fuel island upgrade

Fuel island located at Clugston Distribution’s headquarters in Scunthorpe
Fuel island located at Clugston Distribution’s headquarters in Scunthorpe

Clugston Distribution recently commissioned Cameron Forecourt to design a full rebuild of the fuel island at its headquarters in Scunthorpe, for a project worth £50,000.

The rebuild involved the installation of four new fuel pumps, a fuel management system, electronics and over 200 metres of associated pipe-works. The pipe-work section includes leak detection monitors in the underground trench leading to the fuel islands. The new pumps are dispensing at twice the speed compared with the old system and this change has received great feedback from the Clugston drivers.

As part of the build, Cameron Forecourt installed a new weights and measures approved system for a resale refuelling island. This comprised of four C Series Pumptronics Road Diesel Fuel Pumps and two Cameron Eclipse W&M  approved fuel management units, to provide live data to the web-based fuel monitoring site.

The new facility allows Clugston not only to provide fuel to their own fleet, but also to sell fuel to other linked businesses such as Clugston’s approved sub-contractors.

The web-based Eclipse fuel management system will enable Clugston to monitor the fuel stock in a live capacity, seeing each transaction as it happens, while accessing multiple reports on the status of tank stock.

Other benefits of the system are the ability to see each transaction as it happens;  accessing multiple reports on the status of tank stock including low stock and possible leak or theft alarms; and who has taken how much fuel and when.

David Heath, head of logistics at Clugston Distribution, commented,

“We were very satisfied with the professional job that Cameron Forecourt did during the rebuild. The future savings and added benefits provided by the Eclipse web-based fuel management system made Cameron Forecourt the logical choice for our Scunthorpe headquarters.” 

“The Cameron Forecourt on site team maintained a high safety standard throughout the build programme, which fits in well with Clugston’s safety ethos.”

Explains Cameron Forecourt sales and marketing director Martyn Gent:

“We are pleased to have worked closely with Clugston to achieve a fuel management solution that meets their needs. Our expertise in fuelling management can pay dividends for many of our customers very quickly, in both future savings and additional benefits, as seen with this particular system.”

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