Powering into Europe

Powerstar seminar at The Hague
Powerstar seminar at The Hague

Powerstar, the market leading voltage optimisation and energy storage brand, is pleased to announce two new international distributor agreements have been signed to further the brand’s expansion and growth across Europe.

Powerstar Benelux, based in Voorburg, Netherlands, has been formed to manage the Benelux region of Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands, whilst PmiTech SRL, based in Naples, has become a Powerstar distributor for Italy.

The distribution agreements are a result of successful field trips to both regions by sales director Martin Stevens, who met with a number of companies interested in becoming distributors.

Representatives from Powerstar Benelux visited the UK for training in 2015 and subsequently ran a seminar in The Hague, which Mr. Stevens attended. The meeting facilitated the introduction of Powerstar solutions to the market.

Representatives from PmiTech SRL will visit the Powerstar manufacturing facility early in 2016 to take part in a training and development programme. The week long session will help the company become more knowledgeable about the benefits of voltage optimisation and energy storage solutions.

Continued expansion across Europe is being driven by the success of the International Partner programme, which in turn has resulted in Powerstar becoming a leading global voltage optimisation brand.

2016 promises to be an exciting year for Powerstar. Late in 2015, Powerstar Virtue, the latest solution in the range, was awarded European Product Innovation of the Year Award, at the European Utility Week in Vienna. The award has gone some way to further stimulating demand and interest, which is being accelerated by the expanding international partner network.

Commenting on Powerstar’s ongoing growth, Mr. Stevens, said,

“Powerstar Benelux is our first venture in the region, as is our arrangement with PmiTech SRL in Italy. We are looking forward to working closely with both companies over the coming years.”

Mr. Stevens added,

“We are extremely pleased with the brand’s latest success, Powerstar Virtue. With the growing development of Smart Cities and the demand for microgrid systems, Powerstar Virtue will become a key enabling technology, playing an important role in the ever-changing energy landscape.”

International distributors keen to become a part of the growing Powerstar success can contact Powerstar on 0114 2576 200 or email info@powerstar.com

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