EyeNut – revolutionizing the indoor lighting market at LEDucation 2016

EyeNut on WhiteHarvard, world leader in the design, development and manufacture of energy saving lighting solutions, will be showcasing its EyeNut wireless monitoring and management control system for interior lighting on Booth #212 at LEDucation 2016 from the 29th to 30th of March at NY Hilton in Midtown, New York.

EyeNut, which was launched into the Americas in New York at LIGHTFAIR 2015, has revolutionized the indoor lighting market by allowing users to commission, configure and completely control their own lighting, wirelessly, via a Graphic User Interface (GUI) accessed over the Internet on a computer, laptop, tablet or even smartphone.

The award-winning system, which is perfect for retail, office, education, industrial and sporting applications, can be retrofit into existing buildings or installed into new builds, with facilities managers able to control multiple sites, across any number of locations, via the one GUI.

Antony Corrie, president of worldwide sales at Harvard, commented,

“Installing controls alongside LEDs can achieve further savings of 40%. EyeNut is the market leader, offering unrivalled control as well as energy and cost savings. We are really excited to be showcasing the solution in the city it was launched – New York.”

EyeNut has been installed at a number of high profile locations across the globe, including at AZ Ice in Peoria, Arizona. The two-rink ice skating facility has managed to reduce operating costs by $800 per month through use of the innovative system, resulting in an impressive 12-18 month return on investment, with rebates.

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